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php freelance developer

New website/application development:

If you require new Web site/application development, then I can assist you in realizing your idea. I’m a full time freelance web developer currently offering a wide spectrum of web related services.

I can provide you with Systems Analysis, Systems Design and the development of the actual Web site/application, based on your requirement.

Website development doesn’t always have to be expensive, based on your requirement I can advise you on cheaper alternatives. I can consult with you and get you up an running with existing software at a fraction of the cost normally associated with custom Web development – I will do the installation and customization for you, as well as provide you with training to get you started with your online endeavors.

Existing website/application maintenance and extensions:

I support most of the popular platforms/framework i.e. Joomla, WordPress, Magento commerce, Zend Framework as well as an extensive array of third party services and APIs such as payment gateways i.e. Worldpay, Paypal, VCS ; Google service, Postcode GEO coding and many more.

If you require a custom integration of third party software or the building of an extension for one of the above  platforms then you’ve come to the right place.

I also offer retainer maintenance packages, which includes the day-to-day maintenance of your websites and the development of extensions, and general scaling and/or marketing of your website can be included in this retainer package.

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