Laravel Trends

I’ve been following the Laravel trends for more than a year now, frequently reading on the Laravel forums/blogs/developer documentation etc., comparing Design patterns and other Geek stuff , searching for things like “laravel sucks”, “why choose laravel” etc., you’ve probably done the same in order to get the full gist on the alternative technology you are hoping […]

Get multiple parameters with same name from a URL

Handle $_GET value overrides in ZF1 and PHP Sometimes we have multiple select form elements and submitting these values via GET poses a server-side problem. Consider this: This is not a Zend Framework problem, its inherent to PHP, PHP’s internal storage for GCP $_GET,$_POST,$_COOKIE works like arrays therefor you cannot send duplicate request variable […]

Google interrupts natural progression

Is Google (and other SE’s) hindering natural technological growth?I think websites would have looked somewhat different today if Search Engines and specifically SEO never existed. Keep in mind that the majority of websites today are built with SEO in mind and Search Engines pretty much dictates what we as web developers can and can’t do […]