10 Oct 15

jQuery alternative to Reactjs and Angularjs

This tutorial will demonstrate how to build similar, low-level functionality for much smaller projects without the need to learn complex frameworks

4 Apr 14

Freelance web development vs full-time job

I quit my full-time job in August 2010 - I've been doing full-time freelance Web Development, Systems Analysis & General Consulting since then. The road has been fairly smooth and generous so far!

10 Jul 14

Laravel Trends

I've been following the Laravel trends for more than a year now, frequently reading on the Laravel forums/blogs/developer documentation etc., comparing Design patterns and other Geek stuff , searching for things like “laravel sucks”, “why choose laravel” etc. etc. etc. you've probably done the same in order to get the full gist on the alternative technology you are hoping to adopt – anyway, I ultimately could not resist to pull up

2 Jun 12

Get multiple parameters with same name from a URL

Sometimes we have multiple select form elements and submitting these values via GET poses a server-side problem. This is not a Zend Framework problem, its inherent to PHP, PHP's internal storage for GCP $_GET,$_POST,$_COOKIE works like arrays therefor you cannot send duplicate request variable keys/names, as the latter will replace all previous values, see below:

7 Jul 15

How to avoid spaghetti mess code

I would almost always suggest MVC and a popular MVC framework like Zend Framework, CakePHP, Yii etc. cause these already solves the architectural problem.

9 Aug 10

Zend Framework new era

PHP has come a long way over the past decade and is still the most widely used web development language, with the biggest online community. Two of the most significant reasons why PHP became so popular can be contributed to the ease of use and flexibility.

6 Mar 11

Zend Framework vs Codeigniter vs CakePHP vs others

I understand that having to learn a new PHP MVC framework takes a lot of time and energy and one need to be absolutely sure about the MVC framework you adopt, you've heard about Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii etc. which one to choose!

7 Aug 10

Is HTML5 the Flash killer?

I recently did some investigation into the future of Flash and AS3 and stumbled onto some interesting information regarding HTML5

20 Aug 10

Magento Pros and Cons

I've been involved in a 4 month, extensive Magento development, during this time I got to experience both the bad and good side of Magento. If Magento is a candidate for you next shopping cart, then do read further... I've highlighted some of the

12 Sep 10

Google interrupts natural progression

Is Google (and other SE's) hindering natural technological growth?