Many web developers neglect to spend adequate time on database design/modeling, assuming a database is only used as a storage location. Poor database design, choice of database engine and deficient SQL queries can lead to loss of data, data integrity violations and slow queries.A weak database design will eventually affect the front-end which utilizes it i.e. your website. This can all be avoided by properly planning the database model, based on the technical specification, and following good database design practices in terms of normalization, constraints, indexes etc.

It becomes significantly difficult to correct a poorly designed database after it has gone into production and has started collecting data – its a good idea to get it right the first time!I’ve been working extensively with the MySQL database and have modeled relational databases with up to  200 tables, 100% normalized. I also have good experience with the EAV model as used by Magento commerce. Additionally I also have adequate knowledge of MS SQL Server and SQLite to accomplish most things, although MySQL remains the most popular.

Some database services I offer:

  •  Custom Database design.
  •  Altering of existing database.
  •  Data mining.
  •  Database optimization and profiling.
  •  Cloud storage (such as Parse).