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I'm a professional freelance web developer based in Cape Town, South Africa

Freelance web developers for back-end and front-end development, including database modelling, advanced PHP and Javascript, CMSs, popular frameworks

Freelance web developers for professional database modelling, SQL, Data Mining services and database optimisation for most popular databases

Freelance web developers for advanced plugin and API development and API integration for most popular social media platforms and 3rd party services




Freelance web developers vs Development companies

You need a simple, affordable website or perhaps a mobile app and a complex PHP web application for your business. You have a fairly good grasp on what this software should do in terms of functionality and who your target market is, but you do not have the inhouse skills and/or resources to develop these […]




Laravel trends, hype or not

Update 2018: The Laravel framework has changed significantly over the past 3 years, it remains increasingly popular. Zend Framework 2&3 on the flip side has declined in public popularity, but perhaps still has some enterprise stronghold (which I have not confirmed). At this point in time I am no longer an advocate for ZF and Symfony, I […]




Freelance web development vs full-time job

I’ve been doing freelance Web Development work since quitting my full-time job in 2010 (after 10+ years)… so far the road has been fairly smooth. You are probably reading this post hoping to find conclusive information that will inspire you to take the freelance leap and become a Freelance Web Developer or at least to […]