About me

I’m a freelance web developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I also provide remote contracting services for national & international clients.

I’ve worked on various medium to large Web Development projects and also had exposure to Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Technical support and Online Marketing, as Lead Developer at an international Web Development & SEM company and later at a Venture Capital firm.

I have a wide range of interests, I love the learning process, new challenges and especially the creation process.
I belong to a Collective of web developers, web designers, and online marketers; harnessing our combined expertise to deliver quality products and services.

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Some of my skills and technologies I work with

OOP PHP Javascript Nodejs Databases Amazon Web Services Restful APIs jQuery React Mobx Vuejs Fabricjs CSS3 HTML5 Bootstrap MVC PSR7 Zend Framework Codeigniter Laravel Slim Cors Git Linux Webpack Gulp NPM Composer VS Code Photoshop Eclipse IDE Netbeans IDE Magento Opencart WordPress REST SOAP SDLC Social Media APIs Facebook Apps Payment Gateways SEO & Digital Marketing Design Technical Writing


I cannot recommend Christof’s skill and insight highly enough as he grasped my concept and then enhanced and improved on it resulting in the overall system being a user friendly,
while highly complex, but efficient system. Christof introduced a number of add ons which further enhanced our product and ensured that my brief to make the system intuitive was always superbly executed.

Our product is very young but has received nothing but enthusiastic response and compliments everywhere that it has been showcased thus far. I believe that while the inception idea was mine it has been executed to a far higher standard than that which I could ever have envisaged.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Christof Coetzee as an extremely competent, perceptive and an intelligent web developer.

I outsource development work to Christof Coetzee on a regular basis, he always provides us  with professional and transparent guidance on our web development projects.
Christof is always willing to advise and assist us in delivering specialized tools for our niche or high-end brands which mostly requires an out-of-the-box approach to problem solving as well as matching our clients standards.
Christof is a proficient developer and I can recommend his services based on exceptional technical and consultancy skills.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the unbelievable work you have achieved for
yyyyyyy recently and over the years.

As our preferred development partner, we often rely heavily on your skills, work ethic and knowledge when
making promises to our clients and you have not once let us down!

I received a letter from yyyyyyy thanking us for the work and results we have achieved for them as their
digital agency and this is in no small part due to you!

On the many projects we have worked on together over the years, I have come to know you as a strong,
intelligent and reliable resource and I look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future.

It will be my pleasure to officially (and personally) recommend both yourself and your company to anyone
looking for high-level development and consulting advice.