API integration and Plugin development

API integration & development

API integration is the process of creating interaction between two or more systems based on the API (Application Programming Interface) specification of the target platform i.e. Facebook.
Many existing platforms like Magento, Shopify, Paypal, Google, Twitter, WordPress etc. provides APIs for web developers to integrate any client system with the target system/platform, this could be a custom payment integration on your website or a workflow automation solution… the possibilities are endless.

In addition to consuming these APIs, clients might also have a need to develop/build their own APIs which will in turn allow other websites and systems etc. to integrate with them. I can help you to integrate into many popular platforms and payment gateways, as well as to develop your own fast, compliant and secure RESTful API.

Plugin development & customisation

Many existing platforms and CMSs supports customisation via plugins, which allows for the implementation of specific custom features and functionality.
There is a plethora of free and premium plugins available on the Internet, these plugins can typically be downloaded and/or installed directly via the CMS i.e. Joomla and WordPress, which requires no programming knowledge.

Unfortunately many of these free plugins are not always up to standard, i.e. bugs, platform version problems or missing features you require. This can be frustrating, and most of the time its just better to develop your own custom plugin.

API integration and plugin development services

  • Custom development of high-performance, secure Restful APIs
  • API integration for popular platforms i.e. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Zapier and more
  • Payment gateway and shopping cart API integrations i.e. Worldpay, Paypal, Sage, Iveri, VCS and more
  • Lead-generation integration to financial institutions
  • Google APIs
  • Facebook apps
  • Oauth login integration for most social media platforms
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • SOAP Web Services integrations (limited support for Microsoft services)
  • QAS, Postcode Anywhere, Postcoder GEO Coding, address lookup & tracking services etc.
  • Micros Fidelio integration
  • Plugin development for CMSs such as WordPress
  • Plugin customisation
  • more…