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Freelance web developers vs Development companies

You need a simple, affordable website or perhaps a mobile app and a complex PHP web application for your business. You have a fairly good grasp on what this software should do in terms of functionality and who your target market is, but you do not have the inhouse skills and/or resources to develop these […]



Laravel trends, hype or not

Update 2018: The Laravel framework has changed significantly over the past 3 years, it remains increasingly popular. Zend Framework 2&3 on the flip side has declined in public popularity, but perhaps still has some enterprise stronghold (which I have not confirmed). At this point in time I am no longer an advocate for ZF and Symfony, I […]



Freelance web development vs full-time job

I’ve been doing freelance Web Development work since quitting my full-time job in 2010 (after 10+ years)… so far the road has been fairly smooth. You are probably reading this post hoping to find conclusive information that will inspire you to take the freelance leap and become a Freelance Web Developer or at least to […]



Multiple query params with the same name

Handle $_GET value overrides in ZF1 and PHP Sometimes we have multiple select form elements and submitting these values via GET poses a server-side problem. Consider this: This is not a Zend Framework problem, its inherent to PHP, PHP’s internal storage for GCP $_GET,$_POST,$_COOKIE works like arrays therefor you cannot send duplicate request variable […]

Zend Framework vs Codeigniter, CakePHP and others

Update 2018: A lot has changed in the PHP framework world over the past 7 years, currently Laravel and Symfony are at the top, and for good reason. These 2 frameworks have consistently worked at streamlining documentation, build tools and the overall developer experience. Zend framework 1 at the time of release (2006) was a […]



Zend Framework new era

Update 2018: Read more here Zend Framework and specifically PHP has come a long way over the past decade and is still the most widely used web development language, with the largest online community. Two of the most significant reasons why PHP became so popular can be contributed to the ease of use and flexibility. The […]



Google interrupts natural progression

Is Google (and other SE’s) hindering natural technological growth?I think websites would have looked somewhat different today if Search Engines and specifically SEO never existed. Keep in mind that the majority of websites today are built with SEO in mind and Search Engines pretty much dictates what we as web developers can and can’t do […]



Magento Pros and Cons

I’ve been involved in a 4 month, extensive Magento development, during this time I got to experience both the bad and good side of Magento. If Magento is a candidate for you next shopping cart, then do read further… I’ve highlighted some of the higher level pros and cons. Some of the key factors I discuss […]

Is HTML5 the Flash killer?

I recently did some investigation into the future of Flash and AS3 and stumbled onto some interesting information regarding HTML5.These sources claim that HTML5 could turn out to be the killer of Flash in the next few years.  Apple has also stated that they won’t be supporting Flash anymore due to the poor performance of Flash on Apple […]