Is HTML5 the Flash killer?

Is HTML5 the Flash killer?

I recently did some investigation into the future of Flash and AS3 and stumbled onto some interesting information regarding HTML5.These sources claim that HTML5 could turn out to be the killer of Flash in the next few years.  Apple has also stated that they won’t be supporting Flash anymore due to the poor performance of Flash on Apple devices.

Apple is one of the best performing enterprise at the moment, releasing some of the best technologies available today, which has already dented the reputation of companies like Nokia.On a more technical level, there is already a sub-set of HTML5 available which can be used in most modern browsers today and it appears that the final w3c standards for HTML5 (due 2012) will allow one to do some spectacular things. The question about adoption and ease of use remains to be seen, and will HTML5 really be able to become a full substitute for Flash?Are you a Flash developer with more insight into this?, please post your comments.


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