Zend Framework new era

Zend Framework new era

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Zend Framework and specifically PHP has come a long way over the past decade and is still the most widely used web development language, with the largest online community.
Two of the most significant reasons why PHP became so popular can be contributed to the ease of use and flexibility. The flexibility of PHP is a problem in its own, it opens a doorway for novice programmers to build poorly modelled software.

Experienced programmers know how fundamental good systems architecture is and always model their systems based on good Systems Design practices.
However, most of the time these programmers will implement architecture which they are comfortable with, and this specific architecture is not necessarily standardised, meaning other programmers might find it hard to understand the software.

This is where the MVC (Model View Controller) solves this problem, as its a standardised architecture and method for developing software. We’ve had MVC frameworks for some time now, to the likes of Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony etc.

Applying for a Web developer position these days you’ll find more than often that MVC and popular frameworks like Zend Framework, Symfony etc. to be a requirement.

I believe we’re in a new era of web development, were many practices are standardised on a more global scale and The Zend Company / Zend Framework has definitely contributed to this, which has long been awaited!


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